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The Benin Bronzes, some of Africa’s greatest treasures, were looted over 120 years ago. After a chance encounter, two men made it their mission to return them.

1/23/2020 11:56:59 AM

The apology to the staff from the Philadelphia Museum of Art executive involved a manager who had been the subject of employee complaints.

1/23/2020 12:56:51 PM

An Israel Museum exhibition explores the complicated relationship between the hieroglyphs of antiquity and emoji, the lingua franca of the digital age.

1/22/2020 2:34:09 PM

The United States and Britain will commemorate 400 years since the Pilgrim ship made its crossing. The events are more politically charged on one side of the Atlantic than the other.

1/23/2020 9:59:33 AM

When a piece speaks to Dani Levinas, he listens. Many of the works that touch him have their roots in Latin America.

1/22/2020 1:00:07 PM

Museum curators and mindful millennials seek visions of a “clean,” sustainable future. In Philadelphia, designers offer ideas to provoke.

1/21/2020 3:13:16 PM

The artist on the Oklahoma roots of his new show, that $52.5 million painting, and meeting Walt Disney.

1/15/2020 4:00:19 AM

Andrew LaMar Hopkins celebrates the rich contributions of 19th-Century New Orleans in his folk art style (and drag).

1/21/2020 4:32:34 PM

The Mexican artist Teresa Margolles makes unflinching art about violent death and its aftermath. Her newest photographs and installations are now in New York City.

1/16/2020 2:58:49 PM

Our guide to new art shows and some that will be closing soon.

1/23/2020 4:00:06 PM