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WIRED columnist Antonio Garcia Martinez on why Cambridge Analytica’s targeting efforts probably didn’t even work—and why Facebook should be embarrassed anyway.

3/19/2018 9:22:41 PM

Like the gaming world itself, the annual developer conference stands at a crossroads.

3/19/2018 4:58:23 PM

You give Facebook all of your data in exchange for using their service—an exchange that seems increasingly out of whack.

3/19/2018 4:02:03 PM

It was no secret that Cambridge Analytica was manipulating people with big data. But it took a former employee’s reckoning to provoke outrage.

3/19/2018 3:42:22 PM

The first deadly crash raises questions about how quickly autonomous driving technology is progressing—and who's in charge of keeping everybody safe.

3/19/2018 2:24:50 PM

In undercover videos filmed by Britain’s Channel 4 news, Cambridge Analytica executives appear to offer up various unsavory tactics to influence campaigns.

3/19/2018 1:57:10 PM

The HTC Vive VR system is finally getting affordable as the new Vive Pro goes up for preorder.

3/19/2018 1:48:49 PM

Just grab a window seat and don't move.

3/19/2018 1:00:00 PM

The portable PC now runs the latest silicon, but some design decisions—like a super clacky keyboard—don’t compute.

3/19/2018 7:00:00 AM

The PoulBot is teaching researchers about flocking behavior and about the cues animals need to fall in love with their robot overlords.

3/19/2018 5:00:00 AM